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Pharaoh's Tomb Map

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This pack includes a beautifully designed desert exterior with a grand courtyard, adorned with a scarab mosaic and a statue of a god, inviting exploration and discovery. Whether your players specifically searched out this tomb or came across it as they traveled down the river, adventure and danger await amidst the arid desert landscape. Variations like the archaeological site and the dark offerings can set the stage for archaeological expeditions, while night guardians and protectors in the night provide opportunities for thrilling encounters with tomb protectors. Delve into the tomb's secrets under various conditions and face its guardians. Will your players decipher the tomb's riddles, navigate its traps, and confront its guardians, or will they face the consequences of ancient curses and long-lost secrets as they seek treasure and knowledge in this beautiful desert map from Czepeku?

The Pharaoh's Tomb map pack contains 14 files.

Map size 25 × 76
Setting Desert Exterior
Variations Archaeological Site, Dark Offerings, Guardians Night, Offerings, Original Day, Original Night, Protectors Night, Roc Nest, Roc Shadow, Sandstorm Day, Sandstorm Night, Sharks Underwater Day, Sun Court, Underwater Day
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