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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Palace Outer Court Map - 3738d8082afde7f3aec9e14ed0e49bc1

Palace Outer Court Map

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Step into the majestic Palace Outer Court, where Czepeku have created a location that reveals the grandeur and complexity of a beautiful palace. Explore the fortifications, courtyard, kitchens, storerooms, and circular towers of the outer court. Choose from variations like "Snow" or "Massacre" to set the tone for regal intrigue, grand banquets, or political machinations in this opulent setting.

The Palace Outer Court map pack contains 37 files.

Map size 36 × 45
Setting Urban Exterior
Variations First Floor - Abandoned, First Floor - Blood Moat, First Floor - Fog, First Floor - Gallows, First Floor - Kings Address, First Floor - Massacre, First Floor - Original Day, First Floor - Original Lights On Night, First Floor - Original Night, First Floor - Rain, First Floor - Snow, First Floor - Stage, Second Floor - Abandoned, Second Floor - Blood Moat, Second Floor - Fog, Second Floor - Gallows, Second Floor - Kings Address, Second Floor - Massacre, Second Floor - Original Day, Second Floor - Original Lights On Night, Second Floor - Original Night, Second Floor - Rain, Second Floor - Snow, Second Floor - Stage, Third Floor - Abandoned, Third Floor - Blood Moat, Third Floor - Fog, Third Floor - Gallows, Third Floor - Kings Address, Third Floor - Massacre, Third Floor - Original Day, Third Floor - Original Lights On Night, Third Floor - Original Night, Third Floor - Rain, Third Floor - Snow, Third Floor - Stage, Stables - Second Floor
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