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Overgrown Magic Forest Map

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This gorgeous overgrown forest with a perfectly placed clearing is ideal for fey encounters, meeting mysterious NPCs, or combat with the denizens of the surrounding forest. Anything can happen in this ancient forest. Czepeku have done it again with their incredible detail and excellent depiction of dappled light streaming in from the high branches. Whether you need a deep pond, glowing mushrooms, or a fairy ring, the you'll find what you need in this pack. Lure your players into a sense of calm at this perfect camping location. Or have them meet the guardian who lives here. Use the seasonal variants when your party revisits this clearing. Who knows what mysteries lurk in the undergrowth.

The Overgrown Magic Forest map pack contains 27 files.

Map size 27 × 41
Setting Forest Exterior
Variations Ancient Symbols Day, Ancient Symbols Night, Autumn Day, Camp Day, Clearing Day, Deep Pond Camp Day, Deep Pond Camp Night, Deep Pond Day, Deep Pond Night, Derelict Torii Gate Day, Derelict Torii Gate Night, Fae Pond Day, Fae Pond Night, Fairy Rings Day, Fairy Rings Night, Firefly Pond Night, Giant Shrooms Day, Giant Shrooms Night, Leprechaun, Moon Night, Pond Rain, Pond Day, Pond Night, Spring, Water Guardian Day, Water Guardian Night, Winter
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