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Orbital Defence Cannon - a6a9c611d1819b97cd69d6e57b23ca31

Orbital Defence Cannon

Product Information



Your players will enjoy the formidable weapon fortification of the Orbital Defence Cannon. These ships are military installations that serve as guardians of the skies, and whether you're defending them or attempting sabotage, each variation offers a unique experience. From Alarm to Sabotaged, these cannons hold the fate of starship landings in their hands, making for intense tactical battles and covert operations.

The Orbital Defence Cannon map pack contains 10 variations.

Map size 34 × 46
Theme/Type Military/Mounted Cannon
Variations Alarm, Alarm, Alien Infected, Alien Infected, Charging, Charging, Firing, Firing, Massacre, Massacre, Original Day, Original Day, Original Night, Original Night, Sabotaged, Sabotaged, Smoking, Smoking, Winter, Winter
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