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Opulent Ballroom Map

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This map pack invites you into a grandiose urban interior adorned with giant statues, a checkerboard floor, and exquisite chandeliers. Golden statues, a lain sideboard, large windows, and dozen of perfect details help further define the richness of this map. Perhaps your players have been invited here or perhaps they've had to sneak in. A mysterious astral bridge or a tentacled eldritch presence can transform this opulence into a scene of cosmic horror. Delve into the eerie ambience of the abandoned ballroom or confront eldritch entities lurking in the shadows.

The Opulent Ballroom map pack contains 29 files.

Map size 32 × 58
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Abandoned, Astral Bridge, Astral God, Chess, Discotheque, Dusk, Efreeti, Elder Brain, Eldritch, Haunted, Hole, Massacre, Original Day, Original Night, Orrery Day, Orrery Night, Outrun, Recursive, Righteous Blade, Sombre, Stairway To Heaven, Star Chamber, Tentacles, Throne Room, Throne Room Caged Specimen, Throne Room Caged Specimen Escape, Throne Room Off With His Head, Treasury Exhibition, Vortex
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