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Oni Hideout Map

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Embark on an adventure through the Oni Hideout map pack and immerse your players in a rural exterior setting teeming with perilous mysteries. Traverse the submerged fields, where huts, farms, and a cryptic shrine stand as ominous symbols of danger. Navigate through various scenarios, from the serenity of a peaceful spring day to the unsettling atmosphere of a blood moon night. Witness the aftermath of intense ninja conflicts, the vibrant glow of fireflies, and dazzling firework displays. With different scenarios and atmospheric variations, this map pack unveils the enigmatic secrets concealed within this rustic landscape.

The Oni Hideout map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 32 × 46
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Attack Day, Attack Night, Attack Rain, Autumn, Firefly, Fireworks, Flooded, Lair BloodMoon, Lair Day, Lair Night, Natural, Ninja Aftermath, No Animals, Original Day, Original Night, Peaceful No Lights Night, Spring, Winter
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