A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Ogre Queen Feast Map - 56895a0b4d1145817fb4ee6507074bae

Ogre Queen Feast Map

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An excellent example of the attention to detail for which Czepeku maps are known. This map depicts a multi-roomed building and a large courtyard. Additional farm buildings and stables can be seen - and throughout, there is evidence of an ogre's rampage. Details abound for your players' investigation - everything from footsteps to broken furniture to the tools and detritus of an interrupted day. Use the variants to build the suspense for an intense combat.

The Ogre Queen Feast map pack contains 9 files.

Map size 40 × 50
Setting Rural Interior
Variations Fog Night, Broken Bridge Night, Broken Bridge Day, Time Stop Night, Day, Moonlit Night, Fire Night, Blood Bath Day, Blood Bath Night
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