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Oasis City Map

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Perfect as an oasis city or a city along a river that runs through a desert climate. Your players will have fun navigating this walled city nestled beside a pristine blue-watered oasis. The cityscape boasts flat rooftops and beautiful blue domes, with a walkway along the walls providing scenic views. With variations like Spider Infestation, Sandstorm, and Rain, your players can explore different urban scenarios. Will they uncover the secrets of the deadly oasis or defend the city from invasive burrows? Whether it's a sunny day by the oasis or a rain-soaked cityscape, your adventurers will encounter a blend of beauty and danger.

The Oasis City map pack contains 14 files.

Map size 47 × 66
Setting Desert Exterior
Variations Deadly Oasis Day, Deadly Oasis Night, Desert, Flooded, Invasive Burrows, Original Day, Original Night, Sandstorm, Spider Infestation, Station, Torches Night, Train, Unstable Spell, Rain
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