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Nymph Fountain Map

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Transport your players into the tranquil rural landscape of the Nymph Fountain map pack where nature and the divine converge. Amongst the serene forest your players will find a shrine adorned with golden-domed buildings and delicate statues. Stone paths guide your way across tranquil lily pads.. But be prepared for intrigue and adventure in variations like 'Sacred Sword Night,' where the an artifact shimmers with untold power, or 'Dragon Day,' where a legendary beast's presence may alter the course of your journey.

The Nymph Fountain map pack contains 28 files.

Map size 33 × 57
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Autumn, Before Time, Candyland, Desert Oasis, Dragon Day, Dragon Night, Entrance Mural, Fog, Fountain, Glowing Waters, Grass Day, Grass Night, Lava, Massacre, Natural, No Statue, Original Day, Original Night, Plain Water, Rain, Sacred Sword Night, Sacred Sword, Santa, Secret Entrance, Shadowlands, Spring, Winter Day, Winter Night
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