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Nightmare Dragon Lair Map

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This nightmarish cave is where eldritch powers, malevolent eyes, and blood-soaked temples await. Columns flank the pathway to the blood-soaked stairs and the horrifying doorway. Delve deep into the nightmare abyss with this map pack.. Atmospheric variations like "Shattered Dream" and "Vapour" plunge your players into surreal nightmares, reawakened terrors, and the maw of an otherworldly beast.

The Nightmare Dragon Lair map pack contains 28 files.

Map size 29 × 64
Setting Cave Exterior
Variations Bleak Dream, Blood Flood, Boiled Autumn, City Of Leeches, Cold Ice, Dark Frost, Desert, Door Open, Dusken Gates, Erasing Fog, Ethereal, Fallen Soldiers, Fog, Ghost Realm, Lava, Memory Phase, Ooze Infection, Original, Rain, Reawakened Time, Runic Glow, Sanguineous Gaze, Shadow Realm, Shattered Dream, Sketchbook, Toxic, Underwater, Vapour
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