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Necropolis Entrance Map

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Is this location a mystery wrapped within an enigma? Or is it exactly what it depicts? A many-armed blue statue in the heart of a desert landscape is flanked by ancient columns. As you venture closer, you'll find an entrance into the unknown, marked by the eerie presence of the statue. What secrets lie within its cryptic confines? Explore variations that include unearthly apparitions, daylight archaeology digs uncovering forgotten lore, bandit barricades awaiting the unwary, or blood moonlit rituals dedicated to a dark deity. Whether in the scorching desert sun or the mysterious glow of torchlight, this site holds mysteries yet untold, waiting for your adventurers to unravel its enigma.

The Necropolis Entrance map pack contains 27 files.

Map size 32 × 46
Setting Temple Exterior
Variations Apparition, Archaeological Dig Site Day, Bandit Barricade Day, Bandit Barricade Night, Blood Deity, Bloodmoon Night, Cave Left Tomb Robbers, Cave Right Animal Den, Closed Doors Day, Closed Doors Night, Death Ray, Desert, Fire Deity, Ice Temple, Lava Temple, Natural Day, Natural Night, Natural Torch, Neon Deity, No Statue Day, No Stature Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Torch Night, Underworld Night, Verdant
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