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Mushroom Infested Mines Map - bf9822f93eb7e0bc0036e33b542587b7

Mushroom Infested Mines Map

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Navigate the eerie Mushroom Infested Mines, where a subterranean river carves through shadowy caverns, glowing fungal forests, and mine cart tracks. This map pack provides a vivid underground labyrinth with beautiful details such as a tools, mine carts, and a small cavern in which the miners can sleep. What properties do these glowing mushrooms have? And what can be found further down the mines, through the giant hole in the large mining chamber? Variants like "Sacrifice" and "Toxic River" allow you to plunge your players into the depths, where fungal horrors, sacrificial rites, and perilous mine tracks await.

The Mushroom Infested Mines map pack contains 16 files.

Map size 66 × 50
Setting Cave Interior
Variations Blood River, Desert, Flooded, Frozen, Maw, Mushroom Cave, Natural Caves, Natural No River, Natural No Sinkhole, No Mushrooms, No Tracks, Oil, Original, Original No Sinkhole, Sacrifice, Toxic River
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