A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Mountaintop Observatory Map

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Ascend to the summit and explore the stars with this incredible map pack. Who lives here? Who created this telescope perched on a high mountain? Can your players make it across the bridges and up the stairs carved into the rock. Clouds and birds drift below, and a small home is attached to the observatory. You can create any number of peaceful or dangerous scenarios with with variations like Cosmic Dragon, Yeti Cave, or Storm Closed. Will they gaze at the stars in awe or contend with the whims of nature and mythical creatures? Prepare for a tranquil day on the mountaintop or a tempestuous night in the observatory.

The Mountaintop Observatory map pack contains 32 files.

Map size 43 × 66
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Arcane Cannon DarkSun, Arcane Cannon Day, Arcane Cannon Green, Arcane Cannon Night, Arcane Cannon Purple, Bones Of The Gods, Camp Day, Camp Night, Cosmic Dragon Day, Cosmic Dragon Night, Fireflies, Hot Air Balloon Day, Hot Air Balloon Night, Hot Spring Day, Hot Spring Monkey, HotSpring Night, Meadowtop, Mesa, Natural Day, Natural Night, No Observatory Bones Of The Gods, No Observatory Shooting Stars, Original Day, Original Night, Regular Pond Day, Regular Pond Night, Roc Nest, Shooting Stars, Snow, Storm Closed, Storm Open, Yeti Cave
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