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Monster Hunter Restaurant Map

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The incredible imagination and creativity of Czepeku come through in this map pack. Opulent dining rooms and a lavish kitchen await your players in this monster hunter restaurant. This urban interior/exterior setting exudes grandeur, with ornate rugs and high dais adorned with six chairs. Greenery embellishes the establishment, creating an inviting atmosphere. Whether your narrative calls for a romantic evening by "Candlelight" or a thrilling "Massacre" scenario, you'll find something perfect. Does one of the ghosts in the haunted variant know the location of a rare monster? Are players part of the entertainment in the fighting pit or merely spectators? Use the seasonal and weather variants to deepen your worldbuilding and bring your players back to this location time after time.

The Monster Hunter Restaurant map pack contains 32 files.

Map size 32 × 53
Setting Urban Interior/Exterior
Variations Autumn, Candle light, Closing, Dark, Desert Day, Desert Night, Ebony Day, Ebony Night, Empty Day, Empty Night, Fighting Pit 1 Day, Fighting Pit 1 Night, Fighting Pit 2 Night, Fighting Pit 3 Night, Fighting Pit 4 Night, Fighting Pit 5 Night, Fireflies, Fog, Haunted, Massacre, Murder Mystery, Natural Day, Natural Night, Opulent Day, Opulent Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Spring Day, Spring Night, Winter Day, Winter Night
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