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Monster Genealogy Lab Map

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Continue the journey of exploration with the Monster Genealogy Lab map pack, a sequel to the Archaeological Dig series. Uncover the secrets of draconic lineage in a laboratory where ancient fossils become research specimens. Perfect for campaigns involving scientific discovery or magical academies, this map pack invites players to delve into the mysteries of the past. Where does the secret door lead? And who stole the artifacts? With classroom, haunted, and escape(!) variants, you can create detailed, rich adventures with this beautiful map.

The Monster Genealogy Lab map pack contains 20 files

Map size 20 × 51
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Blood Dragon, Classroom Day, Classroom Night, Dark, Empty Day, Empty Night, Escape, Fossil Fall, Haunted, Lapse In Tenure, Massacre, Mist, No Artifacts Day, No Artifacts Night, Opulent, Original Day, Original Night, Portal, Ritual, Secret Passage
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