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A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Modular Caves Map

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The Modular Caves map pack offers a labyrinthine adventure like no other, with thousands of configurations in the cavern's depths. From crystal cogs to molten mines, these modular caves hold endless possibilities for exploration. Colossal gems may hold untold power, or gentle green moss may offer a soft place to rest. Whether you need bones, crystal tree roots, gemstones, spiders, skeletons, moss, monsters, or simple paths, this modular cave map is a must have!

The Modular Caves map pack contains 139 files.

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Setting Cave Interior
Variations Big Hole, Bone Pit, Creature Cavern Crushed Spider, Creature Cavern Dead Spider, Creature Cavern Hive Nest 01, Creature Cavern Hive Nest 02, Creature Cavern Spider Nest 4 Exits, Creature Cavern Spider Nest No Exit, Creature Cavern Spider Webs, Creature Cavern Webbed Skeletons, Crossroads 01, Crossroads 02, Crossroads 03, Crystal Caverns Crystal Cogs 01, Crystal Caverns Crystal Cogs 02, Crystal Caverns Crystal Cogs 03, Crystal Caverns Crystal Spring, Crystal Caverns Crystal Tree Roots 01, Crystal Caverns Crystal Tree Roots 02, Crystal Caverns Crystal Tree Roots 03, Crystal Caverns Crystal Webbing 01, Crystal Caverns Crystal Webbing 02, Crystal Caverns Gemstone Mine 01, Crystal Caverns Gemstone Mine 02, Crystal Caverns Giant Crystals 01, Crystal Caverns Giant Crystals 02, Crystal Caverns Giant Crystals 03, Crystal Caverns Giant Crystals 04, Crystal Caverns Small Crystals 01, Crystal Caverns Small Crystals 02, Crystal Caverns Small Crystal s 03, Four Exits, Lava Mines Cave in, Lava Mines Cooled Lava, Lava Mines Cooled Rocks, Lava Mines Cracked Lava, Lava Mines Forge, Lava Mines Lava Fallen Rocks, Lava Mines Lava Floor 01, Lava Mines Lava Floor 02, Lava Mines Lava Pond, Lava Mines Pipes, Lava Mines Ruins, Lava Mines Stalagmite, Lava Mines Stream, Magic Bones Candles, Mines Cogs, Mines Cogs and Pipes 01, Mines Cogs and Pipes 02, Mines Large Pipes 01, Mines Large Pipes 02, Mines Large Pipes 03, Mines Large Pipes 04, Mines Mine Tracks 01, Mines MineTracks 02, Mines Mine Tracks 03, Mines Mine Tracks 04, Mines Mine Tracks 05, Mines Mine Tracks 06, Mines Mine Tracks 07, Mines Mine Tracks 08, Mines Mine Tracks 09, Mines Small Pipes 01, Mines Small Pipes 02, Mines Small Pipes 03, Mines Small Pipes 04, Mossy Cave 01, Mossy Cave 02, Mossy Cave 03, Mossy Cave 04, Mossy Cave 05, Mossy Cave 06, Mossy Cave 07, Mossy Mushroom 01, Mossy Mushroom 02, Mossy Mushroom 03, Mossy Mushroom 04, Mossy Mushroom 05, Mossy Rocks 01, Mossy Rocks 02, Mossy Rocks 03, Narrow 01, Narrow 02, Narrow 03, Narrow 04, Narrow Hole, Narrow Small Hole, Narrow Stairs, No Exit, One Exit, Rockfall 01, Rockfall 02, Rockfall 03, Rockfall 04, Roots 01, Roots 02, Roots 03, Roots 04, Roots 05, Ruins Altar Glow, Ruins Altar No Skeleton, Ruins Altar Pool, Ruins Altar Standard, Ruins Dig, Ruins Old Throne, Ruins Rune Passage 2 Exits, Ruins Rune Passage 4 Exits, Ruins Runic Stones Blue, Ruins Runic Stones Orange, Ruins Sword In The Stone, Ruins Treasure Room 01, Ruins Treasure Room 02, Ruins Treasure Room 03, Small Hole, Stalagmite Room, Three Exits, Two Exits, Underwater Springs Big Pond 01, Underwater Springs Big Pond 02, Underwater Springs Big Pond 03, Underwater Springs Big Pond 04, Underwater Springs Blood River, Underwater Springs Blood Springs, Underwater Springs Cenote Cave 01, Underwater Springs Cenote Cave 02, Underwater Springs Cosmic Pond, Underwater Springs Hot Spring, Underwater Springs Large Puddle, Underwater Springs Medium Puddle 01, Underwater Springs Medium Puddle 02, Underwater Springs Mossy Pond, Underwater Springs River 01, Underwater Springs River 02, Underwater Springs Root Pond, Underwater Springs Small Puddle, Underwater Springs Stalagmite Pond, Underwater Springs Submerged Passageway, Underwater Springs Sword Spring, Underwater Springs Toxic Springs
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