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Mid-Air Dragon Flight Map

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There's nothing else quite like this map! Czepeku have provided 36 different sky backgrounds for your flying sessions! Whether you need rocky outposts, lava fields, maelstroms, desert canyons, or prismatic portals, you'll find it here. Over land, over water, over clouds, or flying through lightning, we've got you covered. Set a perfectly serene scene with the sunset variant. Or force your players to navigate multiple whirling cyclones. There's something for every scenario in this pack. It's perfect for your worldbuilding needs.

The Mid-Air Dragon Flight map pack contains 36 files.

Map size 45 × 45
Setting Sky Exterior
Variations Airship, Canyon Outposts Day, Canyon Outposts Night, Canyon Plain Day, Canyon Plain Night, Canyon Lava, Cloud Sky 01 Day, Cloud Sky 01 Night, Cloud Sky 02 Day, Cloud Sky 02 Night, Cloud Sky 03 Day, Cloud Sky 03 Night, Cloud Sky 04 Day, Cloud Sky 04 Night, Cloud Sky 05 Day, Cloud Sky 05 Night, Cyclone Big, Cyclone Medium, Cyclones Multiple, Dragon Rock Giant Tree, Dragon Rock Magic Giant Tree, Dragon Rock Runes Off, Dragon Rock Runes On, Jagged Rocks, Overcast, Prismatic Portal, Rain, River, River Lava, Sea, Sea Maelstrom, Sea Statues, Storm, Storm Lightning, Sunset, Swirl Sky
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