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Megalith Gate Map

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Ancient runes, crumbling ruins, and an otherworldly chasm define this landscape along with a gorgeous megalith gate. Your players can move between different planes using the 29 variants. What are your players searching for? Who will they find on the other side of the gate? What manner of magics are needed to activate the gate? Set the stage for epic adventures, forgotten magics, and the mysteries shrouded within these arcane stones.

The Megalith Gate map pack contains 29 files.

Map size 45 × 60
Setting Other Exterior
Variations Autumn Fields, Crystalscape, Deep Winter, Desert, Foglands, Gem Valley, Gold Valley, Grasslands, Grey Wastes, Lava Plains, Natural, No Ring, Original Day, Original Night, Phase0 Day, Phase0 Night, Phase1 Day, Phase1 Night, Phase2 Day, Phase2 Night, Phase3 Day, Phase3 Night, Phase5 Day, Phase5 Night, Rain, Shadowlands, Snow Day, Snow Night, Toxic
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