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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Medusa's Wake Map - 8ae9ec98ea8492b35a1e898112bda31d

Medusa's Wake Map

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A giant petrified statue of a fighter with a sword stands tall, surrounded by smaller creatures and people turned to stone. A bridge spans the river and all clues point to medusas living in the nearby caves. With variations like Bloody Cave, Desert Night, or Lava, this map will fit into any world. Will your adventurers confront the petrifying power of the medusas or unravel the mysteries hidden within the cave's depths? Whether it's a moonlit night or a scorching desert day, this map pack offers a range of challenges and encounters.

The Medusa's Wake map pack contains 22 files.

Map size 32 × 47
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Alt Colours, Bloody Cave Day, Bloody Cave Night, Broken Bridge Day, Cave Fire Night, Cave Day, Cave Night, Dark Cliffs, Dark Cliffs No Soldiers, Desert, Desert Night, Errant Spell, Evening, Fae River, Fog, Moonlight Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rage, Rain, Snow, Lava
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