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Monster Festival Map

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It's time for a celebration! Have your players planned to meet at this festival? Or did they hear the festivities through the trees? This map is a European village fête with a twist. You'll find all the usual fun and games, beer, cheese, and pies and other festivities. You'll also find a spit-roasted Giant Spider, Owlbear petting zoo, Griffon rides and more. It's up to you and your players to decide whether this is a time for fun and games or a time for combat. Or use the jousting variant for a little bit of both! Not interested in jousting? Let your players enjoy a music festival or bonfire instead! The variants give you options for multiple visits to the same collection of festival tents.

The Monster Festival map pack contains 8 files.

Map size 26 × 42
Setting Urban Exterior
Variations Arrow Night, Joust & Pit fight Day, Music Day, Music Night, Original Day, Original Night, Original Rain, Shooting Contest & Effigy Bonfire Day
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