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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Medieval Jail Scene - c0ee9f94-6ef4-4df5-a068-534b392a259a

Medieval Jail Scene

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Visit the heart of a grim prison, where cells, guard quarters, and eerie torture implements lie in wait. Are your players sneaking in? Sneaking out? Or attempting some sort of other shenanigans? Use the haunted variation to introduce spectral entities who may hold the keys to the jail's darkest secrets. Or make use of the less horrifying "Humane" variation, where there are no torture devices and all seems calm.

The Medieval Jail scene pack contains 20 files

Setting Urban Interior

Blood Flood, Blood Moon, Blue Fire, Corridors, Dark, Flooded, Frozen Day, Frozen Night, Haunted, Humane, Iridescent, Massacre, Necromancer Dungeon, Original Day, Original Night, Prison Break, Purple Fire, Spider, Toxic Lime, Toxic Pink

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