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Mangrove Forest Map

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Explore nature's labyrinth of waterways winding through a sprawling network of mangrove islands. Rickety pathways and boats offer passage through the swampy terrain. Use the seasonal variants to bring your players back here time and time again. Explore this enchanting yet treacherous locale in all sorts of weather and events. Be prepared to navigate the ever-changing moods of the mangroves, from the calm to the catastrophic, as you chart your course through this rural maze.

The Mangrove Forest map pack contains 29 files

Map size 35 × 51
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Arcane Conservation Exterior, Arcane Conservation Interior, Autumn, Blood Grove, Blood River, Bog, Caiman Lights, Desert Day, Desert Night, Drought Day, Drought Night, Fireflies, Flood Day, Flood Night, Fog, Lava, Massacre, Natural Day, Natural Night, No Animals, Original Day, Original Night, Purification, Rain, Spring, Swamp, White Sand Day, White Sand Night, Winter Day"
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