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Magical Snowglobe Map

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The Magical Snowglobe map pack whimsically transports your players to a wintry wonderland, perfect for a holiday celebration or a surreal interlude in your campaign. Caught in a snowstorm or perhaps inebriated at a peculiar tavern, players awaken in this fantastical realm. The challenge? Find a way back to the real world.

With variations capturing different scenes and moods, including a playful marshmallooze attack and a North Pole setting, this pack allows for creative storytelling. Whether your players are normal-sized in a giant snowglobe or tiny in a regular-sized one, the Magical Snowglobe offers a delightful escape from reality.

Map size 53 x 42
Setting Other Interior/Exterior
Variations Desert Day, Desert Night, Escape, Hot Cocoa Flood, Island Day, Island Night, Marshmallooze Attack, Moonlight, Natural Day, Natural Night, No Animals Day, No Animals Night, No Globe Day, No Globe Night, North Pole Day, North Pole Night, Original Day, Original Night, Settled Day, Settled Night
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