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Living Plant Crater

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Dive into the heart of a bio-alien planet with the Living Plant Crater map pack! Is it a boss defending its realm or a guardian against invasion? The choice is yours as you incorporate this vibrant and mysterious environment into your story. Watch as your players navigate the challenges and uncover the secrets hidden within the living, breathing landscape. Use the Desert, No Plant, and Original variants to show a changing world. Or have your players struggle with the challenges of a toxic atmosphere. Whether you need a research site, a barren land, or a terrifying planet on which to crash-land, this map is the one for you!

The Living Plant Crater map pack contains 26 variations.

Map size 34 × 51
Theme/Type Alien/Alien/Planet
Variations Bioluminescent, Blood Planet, Desert Planet Day, Desert Planet Night, Drought, Flood Day, Flood Night, Fog, Iridescent, Lava Planet, Massacre, Mutation, No Eyes Day, No Eyes Night, No Plant Day, No Plant Night, No Vegetation Day, No Vegetation Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Research Site, Toxic Day, Toxic Night, Winter Day, Winter Night
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