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Lightning Rail Part. 2 Map

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The Lightning Rail 2 map pack provides even more options for thrilling train journeys with various cargo and passengers. Protect precious cargo from danger in the Gold Cargo variation, or navigate the Roof Rusted car, with a dangerous gash in the roof. Join forces with a postal worker to investigate a series of perplexing train robberies. Alternatively, adventurers might uncover a sinister plot to sabotage the entire rail network, plunging the region into chaos. Whether it's high-class travel, livestock, or warforged, this pack opens up even more options for your train rides!

The Lightning Rail Part. 2 map pack contains 30 files.

Map size * × *
Setting Vehicle Interior
Variations Wild West Train, Wild West Train Cold, Victorian Steam Train, Victorian Steam Train Cold, Thomas Train, Cargo Coal, Cargo Gold, Cargo Iron Ore, Cargo Mystery Ore Blue, Cargo Mystery Ore Purple, Cargo Oil, Bar Car, Bar Car Night, Cargo Sand, Cargo Wood, Deluxe Car, Grand Cannon, Hospital, Hospital 2, Livestock, Murder, Postal Car, Smoking Car, Waiting Car, Warforged, Warforged Activated, Roof Basic, Roof Cannon, Roof Double Hatch, Roof Rusted
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