A collage of several Czepeku maps
Lair of the Many Eyed God Map - 1835299038cbf439a9055a871d4bd897

Lair of the Many Eyed God Map

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Need a map to scare your players? Running a horror campaign? Hoping for the perfect boss fight? Look no further! No one wants to go up against a beholder god but this perfectly rendered map makes it possible! With a giant eye and ten tentacle eye-stalks, there's no escaping this monster. Czepeku's imagination has provided several terrifying variations as well! Perhaps you need a zombie beholder or a gold-skinned monstrosity. Or a beholder god that has been taken over by a cult. Players won't have an easy time finding solid ground for battle. Keep this map in your repertoire for just the right moment.

The Lair of the Beholder God map pack contains 8 files.

Map size 39 × 29
Setting Lair Interior
Variations Blind, Cult, Fire, Gold, Lagoon, Night, Original, Zombie
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