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Jungle Temple Entrance Map

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Drop your players into the middle of this lush and foreboding wilderness, where ancient temples stand hidden in the dense jungle. The stone altar hints at rituals long past, while the swampy waters hold their own mysteries. What is hidden behind the carved doorways? Who lit the braziers and what stories can they tell? Embark on quests in variations like 'Open Blood,' where forgotten rituals may grant dark powers, or 'Closed Symbols,' where deciphering ancient markings becomes a matter of life and death.

The Jungle Temple Entrance map pack contains 22 files.

Map size 33 × 46
Setting Temple Exterior
Variations Closed Autumn, Closed Blood, Closed Blood River, Closed Fireflies, Closed No Flames Dark, Closed Original Day, Closed Original Night, Closed Rain, Closed Symbols, Closed Toxic, Open Autumn, Open Blood, Open Blood River, Open Fireflies, Open Massacre, Open No Flames Day, Open No Flames Night, Open Original Day, Open Original Night, Open Rain, Open Symbols, Open Toxic
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