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Japanese Castle Exterior Map

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Prepare for an epic adventure within the expansive Japanese Castle Exterior map pack, Czepeku's most extensive creation to date. A focus on exterior design sets this map apart. Traverse the roofs, practice in the courtyards, scale the cliffs, and avoid the surrounding waters. This intricate map brings to life the grandeur of a Japanese castle in beautiful detail. Now, you have the perfect setting to defend against mythical oni, mysterious yokai, or waves of skilled samurai. 

The Japanese Castle Exterior map pack contains 20 files

Map size 55 × 129
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Autumn, Blood River, Drought, Empty, Fireflies, Fireworks, Fog, Lava, Massacre, Original Day, Original Night, Original Night Lit, Rain, Rift, Ruby, Spirit Realm, Spring, Toxic River, Villain Villa, Winter
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