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Intergalactic Museum

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Step into the extraordinary realm of the Intergalactic Museum! Whether your party is there for a leisurely visit or a daring heist, this map pack offers a stunning showcase of exhibits set on a space station, giant starship, or any celestial body of your choosing. Customize the exhibit or view through the transparent windowed version, and beware of laser grids and alarms if a heist is in the cards!

The Intergalactic Museum map pack contains 26 variations.

Map size 30 × 52
Theme/Type Civilian/Research/Entertainment/Space Life
Variations Alarm, Amber, Arctic Display, Breakout, Candy, Clouds, Desert, Laser Grid, Lightyear Day, Lightyear Night, Massacre, No Power, Old Glory, Opulent, Orbit, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Royal, Space, Tinted Glass Day, Tinted Glass Night, Transparent Window Day, Transparent Window Night, Underwater, Winter
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