A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Inside a Bag of Holding Map

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Another perfect example of Czepeku offering a thrilling change in perspective for your adventurers! Delve inside a Bag of Holding where a floating sword and shield, climbing rope, mask, keys, and giant books beckon your players into the depths. Can they breathe? Do they float or walk? What chaos comes with the flooded variant? Encounter genies and unravel the secrets of the Genie Lamp, or face the perils of a maelstrom. Will your adventurers find their way out of this extradimensional puzzle, or become forever lost within the void?

The Inside a Bag of Holding map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 55 × 55
Setting Other Interior
Variations Astral, Blade Tear, Blood Tide, Cloud Storm, Dark, Flooded, From Beyond, Genie, Genie Lamp, Maelstrom, Original, Portal, Recursive, Secret Map, Severed Hand, Tear, Time Stop, Trap
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