A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Infected Crystal Cliffs

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Interesting and strange planetary biomes can be the best parts of sci-fi adventures. On this strange planet, a mysterious object perches atop a towering cliff, shrouded in questions and enigma. What secrets does it hold, and how will your intrepid explorers ascend to unravel its mysteries? The daunting climb promises challenges and the allure of the unknown. As your party contemplates the strange red liquid surrounding the enigmatic artifact, the air hums with anticipation. Will they decipher its purpose, harness its otherworldly power, or succumb to the unsettling possibilities it presents? This alien landscape is tailor-made for keeping your players on edge, fostering an atmosphere of intrigue and discovery in your sci-fi campaign. 

The Infected Crystal Cliffs map pack contains 22 files

Map size 34 × 51
Theme/Type Alien Planet
Variations Activated, Alternate Reality Day, Alternate Reality Night, Blood Planet, Dark, Dead, Desert, Fog, Inactive, Iridescent, Lava, Massacre, Natural, No Blood, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Space, Sunset, Toxic Day, Toxic Night, Winter
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