A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Impact Site Map

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Plunge into the aftermath of a dramatic crash. Three buildings surround the impact site, narrowly avoiding destruction. Investigate the mysterious meteor impact site and its bizarre cause. Navigate the snowy wreckage or the eerie tunnel caused by the crash. Encounter UFO inhabitants or meet a jolly individual who crashed a big red sleigh.

The Impact Site map pack contains 30 files.

Map size 36 × 50
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Airship Crash Burning Day, Airship Crash Burning Night, Airship Crash Day, Airship Crash Night, Blasted Heath, Blaze, Boulder, Comet, Dragon, Empty Day, Empty Night, Fog, From Below, Gold Ore, Meteor Autumn, Meteor Day Blue, Meteor Day Orange, Meteor Night, Meteor Radioactive, Meteor Rain, Meteor Spring, Original Day, Original Night, Snow Crash, Thaw, Tunnel, UFO Alive, UFO Day, UFO Mutant Space Virus, UFO Night
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