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Hidden Witch's Hut Map

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Every quaint village on the edge of a forest needs a hidden witch's hut. Or perhaps your players have traveled hours through the depths of the Festerwood in search of wisdom. This map pack beckons you into the heart of the woods, nestled between babbling brooks and ancient trees. Whether you seek eldritch potions, mystical wisdom, or witness the enchanting dance of frogs, this is the place to be. Use the seasonal variations to show the passage of time in your world. Immerse yourself in the magical aura of the Hidden Witch's Hut, where nature and mysticism intertwine.

The Hidden Witch's Hut map pack contains 20 files

Map size 29 × 46
Setting Rural Exterior

Autumn, Baba Yagas Escape, Baba Yagas Return, Desert, Drought, Fey, Fireflies, Fog, Grasslands Day, Grasslands Night, Natural Day, Natural Night, NormalHut, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Ritual, Spring, Swamp, Winter

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