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Heretic Monastery

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Enter the ominous world of the Heretic Monastery, a Gothic Sci-Fi marvel that seamlessly fits into the dark corners of your campaign. Perfectly suited for a 40k universe, this map pack offers a foreboding atmosphere for your players to explore. What secrets and challenges await within the walls of this enigmatic structure? The variants allow you to create multiple monasteries across the known universe or show the growth and change in one monastery over time. The gorgeous details, stained glass window, central pool, living quarters, and gardens make this map both vibrant and believable. Uncover the mysteries as your party delves into the depths of the Heretic Monastery.

The Heretic Monastery map pack contains 26 variations.

Map size 30 × 60
Theme/Type Civilian/Space Life
Variations Abyss, Alarm, Amethyst, Assassination, Blood Monastery, Dark, Empty Day, Empty Night, Empty Pod, Frozen, Iridescent, Massacre, Neptune, No Pod Day, No Pod Night, No Water Day, No Water Night, Opulent, Original Day, Original Night, Pool Day, Pool Night, Portal, Prime, Scarlet, Space
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