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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Heracles - 232a5e6ccca90aa132afa44495662fd5


Product Information



"Step aboard the Heracles Luxury Cruise Liner and indulge in a world of opulence and intrigue. Set the stage for an enthralling murder mystery or simply escape to a realm of fine dining, drinks, and relaxation. With its elegant interiors and breathtaking views of the cosmos, the Heracles offers the perfect setting for unforgettable adventures. Is the party welcome aboard this cruise? Have they been tasked with protecting a VIP passenger or perhaps stealing from one? Choose from various exterior and interior variations to tailor your experience aboard this lavish vessel.

The Heracles map pack contains 24 files

Map size 36 x 45
Theme/Type Civilian/Entertainment
Variations Alert Exterior, Alert Interior, Breached Massacre Interior, Breached Stage1 Exterior, Breached Stage1 Interior, Breached Stage2 Exterior, Breached Stage2 Interior, Bronze Exterior, Bronze Interior, Jade Exterior, Jade Interior, Massacre Interior, Night Exterior, Night Interior, No Power Exterior, No Power Interior, Onyx Exterior, Onyx Interior, Original Exterior, Original Interior, Silver Exterior, Silver Interior, Whoops Exterior, Whoops Interior
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