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Hell's Tax Office Map

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Step into the infernal bureaucracy of the 'Hell's Tax Office' map pack, where the line between eternal damnation and taxation blurs. At the center of it all, a desk with a demon behind it oversees the tormenting paperwork, while minor demons and minions toil away at smaller desks. A chained beast adds to the chaotic ambiance, and the threat of eternal taxation looms large. Venture into variations like the neon-lit 'Disco,' the scorching 'Lava Lair,' or the enigmatic 'Planar Hell.' Whether your players are negotiating with a neon demon, navigating a soul evaluation, or just trying to survive rush hour in Hell's Tax Office, these maps offer diabolically entertaining adventures.

The Hell's Tax Office map pack contains 10 files.

Map size 21 × 37
Setting Hell Interior
Variations Disco, Lava Lair, Neon Demon, Nondeductible, Original, Planar Hell, Portal, Rush Hour, Soul Evaluation, Walking the Dog
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