A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Hellfire Prison Map

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Descend into the infernal depths of Hellfire Prison, a place where the very walls seethe with molten lava and ominous runes. This map pack depicts the grim interior of a prison, from fiery pits to ethereal glows. Variations like "Activated Summoning Symbol" and "Lava Leviathan" set the stage for tales of imprisoned souls, eldritch rituals, and the sinister secrets of this infernal facility.

The Hellfire Prison map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 48 × 79
Setting Other Interior
Variations Activated Summoning Symbol, Grainy Summoning Slate, Arctic, Astral, Blood, Ethereal Prison, Glow, Grey Wastes, Illumination, Lava Flow, Lava Leviathan, Lurker, Lurker Pit, Original, Pit, Summoning, Toxic, Water
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