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Haunted Ghost Ship Interior Map

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Step into this forsaken vessel that once sailed the high seas but now drifts in eerie desolation. Ghostly glows illuminate the dim, eerie spaces, and you'll encounter crates, ropes, netting, boards, and even treasure chests left behind by a long-departed crew. Sail through the incredible variants that include each deck in amazing detail. Whether your players are searching for a lost item, hoping to lay the souls to rest, or have been caught in a storm that brought them here, they should brace themselves for ghostly apparitions and long-lost treasures as they explore this nautical nightmare.

The Haunted Ghost Ship Interior map pack contains 40 files

Map size 21 × 43
Setting Nautical Interior
Variations Demonic Rift Captains Quarters, Demonic Rift Lower Deck, Demonic Rift Middle Deck, Demonic Rift Upper Deck, Dry Captains Quarters, Dry Lower Deck, Dry Middle Deck, Dry Upper Deck, Empty Captains Quarters, Empty Lower Deck, Empty Middle Deck, Empty Upper Deck, Golden Glow Captains Quarters, Golden Glow Lower Deck, Golden Glow Middle Deck, Golden Glow Upper Deck, Massacre Captains Quarters, Massacre Lower Deck, Massacre Middle Deck, Massacre Upper Deck, Original Captains Quarters, Original Lower Deck, Original Middle Deck, Original Upper Deck, Taking On Blood Captains Quarters, Taking On Blood Lower Deck, Taking On Blood Middle Deck, Taking On Blood Upper Deck, Taking On Water Captains Quarters, Taking On Water Lower Deck, Taking On Water Middle Deck, Taking On Water Upper Deck, Undamaged Captains Quarters Day, Undamaged Captains Quarters Night, Undamaged Lower Deck Day, Undamaged Lower Deck Night, Undamaged Middle Deck Day, Undamaged Middle Deck Night, Undamaged Upper Deck Day, Undamaged Upper Deck Night
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