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Hanging Gardens Map - 295c358242381c08763bbc04648bf8cf

Hanging Gardens Map

Product Information



A feeling of peace and tranquility emanates from this map. Czepeku have created an enchanting environment featuring lush green gardens, flowing blue water, boats, and magnificent lion statues with water pouring from their mouths. This urban exterior setting provides a perfect backdrop for encounters with fantastical creatures. Your players might stumble upon enigmatic nymphs or fierce guardians. Perhaps the garden's waters hold a magical secret. Have your players meet with the monarchs who live in the palace. Or have them struggle to escape the trap of this perfect place.

The Hanging Gardens map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 29 × 58
Setting Urban Exterior
Variations Autumn, Empty, Guardians of Night, Jungle Palace, Lava, Moonlight, No Animals, No Boats, No Plants, No Water, Original Day, Original Night, Rose Palace, Spring, Verdant Palace, Water Temple, White Palace, Winter
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