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Hacker Base

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Prepare for thrilling heists and intrigue in the Hacker Base, a cyberpunk haven of high-tech espionage and larceny. With rooms laid out for stealthy infiltrations and a plethora of cables to disconnect, walls to breach, and valuable tech to pilfer, your players will be in for a whirlwind of cyber-adventure. Explore the world of corporate espionage across several levels and many variations.

The Hacker Base map pack contains 23 variations.

Map size 44 × 40
Theme/Type Civilian/Base
Variations Alert, Corporation, Dark Mode, Edgy, Empty Day, Empty Night, Frozen, Goblin, Low Power Mode, Massacre Day, Massacre Night, Night Mode, Original, Pink Prowler, Portal Hack, RGB, Shutdown, Upgrade Level 1, Upgrade Level 2, Upgrade Level 3, Upgrade Level 4, Upgrade Level 5, Yellow Deus
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