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Gryphon Roost Inn Map - da98ba3f6e22b626b8e2b020d0c26857

Gryphon Roost Inn Map

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We invite you to experience a unique inn high above the clouds. This rural interior/exterior setting provides hours of exploration, from dining rooms to living quarters, a garden terrace to a bustling kitchen, and even a scenic viewing platform. Within these picturesque surroundings, your players might encounter enigmatic captains of airships. Or perhaps the mischievous Fey Court, drawn by the inn's mystical energies, have come for a visit. Players can share stories with sky pirates or investigate cryptic messages left by secretive guests. Whether it's rest, excitement, or danger, this map pack will let you give your players what they want.

The Gryphon Roost Inn map pack contains 28 files.

Map size * × *
Setting Rural Interior/Exterior
Variations Abduction, Airships Day, Airships Night Dark, Airships Night Light, Astral, Autumn, Basement, Crash Day, Crash Night, Fey Wind, Floor One Day, Floor One Night Dark, Floor One Night Light, Floor Two Dark, Floor Two Light, Fog, Meadow, No Windmills, Original Day, Original Night Dark, Original Night Light, Portal Blue, Portal Orange, Rain, Sea Island, Spring, Swamp, Winter
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