A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Grand Opera House Map

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Czepeku have once again created a perfect, opulent urban interior. Rows of plush seats beckon patrons to witness the magic of the stage, framed by rich, crimson curtains. Variations offer options from the intrigue of an assassination plot to the elegance of a masquerade auction. Perhaps your settings has already developed film projection - use the blank screen or silver screen variations. Whether bathed in the glow of red, blue, or green lighting or shrouded in the mystery of a moonlit night, this map pack promises to set the stage for countless stories within its hallowed walls.

The Grand Opera House map pack contains 24 files.

Map size 42 × 79
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Assassination, Auction, Blood Tide, Blue Lightning, Cinema Blank, Cinema Movie, Entrance, General Lighting, Green Lighting, Lights Out, Moon Light, New Year, On Ice, Opera Fire, Original, Phantom Fire, Red Lighting, Romeo Juliet, Spooky Night, Spotlight, Underwater, Underwater Shell Closed, Underwater Shell Open, Zen Temple
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