A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Grand Hunter's House Map

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Explore the opulent and enigmatic Grand Hunter's House map pack. This map pack features a basement, ground floor, and upper floor. Discover treasures, secret chambers, and ornate details, including an outdoor patio. Whether you embrace the "Haunting" or "Enchanted Library" variations, these settings offer diverse opportunities for intrigue, exploration, and storytelling in a luxurious urban environment. Full of rare animals, perfect small details, and amazing variations, make use of this map pack in plenty of ways. Use this as a luxurious house for a lord or a local manor, make use of the hiding hiding places and secret rooms for assassinations or heists, or provide a temporary base of operations for your party.

The Grand Hunter's House map pack contains 37 files.

Map size 27 × 22
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Basement Cave, Basement Empty, Basement Flooded, Basement FromBelow, Basement Lava, Basement Portal, Basement Spider Lair, Basement Summoning Circle, Basement Vampire Coffin, Basement Work Table Bloody, Basement Work Table Clean, Ground Floor Abandoned, Ground Floor Dark Night, Ground Floor Dusk, Ground Floor Enchanted Library, Ground Floor Fire, Ground Floor Flooded, Ground Floor Haunted, Ground Floor Murder, Ground Floor Original Day, Ground Floor Original Night, Ground Floor Rain, Ground Floor Shadow Realm, Ground Floor Snow, Ground Floor Spider Lair, Upper Floor Abandoned, Upper Floor Dark Night, Upper Floor Dusk, Upper Floor Fire, Upper Floor Flooded, Upper Floor Haunted, Upper Floor Murder, Upper Floor Original Day, Upper Floor Original Night, Upper Floor Rain, Upper Floor Shadow Realm, Upper Floor Snow
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