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Grand Cathedral Map

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Seek sanctuary, feed the swans, or fight corrupt clergy. The choice is yours in this awe-inspiring temple map, complete with courtyards, bridges, and serene gardens. Does the cleric or paladin in your party have a need to be here? Or did this incredible cathedral rise up from the landscape, beckoning players towards it? Seasonal and weather variants give you options for when your players arrive here. Variations like 'Shadowrealm' suggest an alternate reality where the cathedral takes on an ethereal quality, while 'Abandoned' hints at the mysteries that linger within its silent walls.

The Grand Cathedral map pack contains 27 files.

Map size 44 × 88
Setting Temple Exterior
Variations Winter Night, Arcane Channel, Ashfall, Autumn, Bloodwell, Buried Day, Buried Night, Darkwell, Fireflies, Flood Day, Flood Night, Fog, Golden Well, Grasslands Day, Massacre, Moon Well, OpenDesert Day, OpenDesert Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Sandstorm, Spring, Sunset, Toxic Well, Winter Day, Winter Night, Abandoned
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