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Gnome City Centre Map

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Czepeku have created yet another perfectly detailed map for your adventure. This charming setting features whimsical pavilions, vibrant mushrooms, and enchanting magic crystals. Tailored to accommodate the petite stature of Gnomes in D&D 5e, or serving as a magical realm for shrunken players, this map pack sets the stage for cozy urban exploration. Use the seasonal variants to show the passage of time. Or task your players with helping the gnomish population escape an avalanche of sap! Whether you need a gorgeous firefly-filled evening or a creepy spore-filled town, this map pack has what you need.

The Gnome City Centre map pack contains 27 files.

Map size 30 x 61
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Angry Shrooms, Autumn, Bleached, Blue Moon, Empty Day, Empty Night, Fireflies, Fog, Funny Mushroom, Massacre, Mondrian, No Crystals Day, No Crystals Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Sapalanche Day, Sapalanche Night, Snail Trail Day, Snail Trail Night, Spore Storm, Spring, Swamp Day, Swamp Night, Underneath The Dark, Winter Day, Winter Night
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