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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Geothermal Rift Map - 30d8fb1e4ac89277ba071dabee3370bc

Geothermal Rift Map

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This map pack invites you into the fiery depths of a Geothermal Rift, a subterranean realm with a deep pit of molten lava, imposing tiered cliffs, and a complex network of pipes channeling scorching heat upwards. Explore eighteen variations that range from the sinister allure of an Abyssal Entrance to the steaming chambers of a Geothermal Station. Whether you dare to venture through the Brass City's perilous depths or explore the enigmatic Observatory, these maps provide a world of underground intrigue and danger.

The Geothermal Rift map pack contains 18 files.

Map size * × *
Setting Other Interior
Variations Abyssal Entrance B4, Blue Reaction B4, Blue Reaction No Symbol B4, Brass City B4, Brass City No Monsters B4, Geothermal Station B1, Geothermal Station B2, Geothermal Station B3, No Monsters B4, No Portal B4, Observatory First Floor, Observatory Ground, PlanarRift B4, Regular Cave B4, Steam B4, The Summoning B4, The Summoning No Monsters B4, Underdark Entrance B4
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