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Gentle Village Greengrocer Map - 0102b49b5fa5b0bc6304142b070c5e53

Gentle Village Greengrocer Map

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This map pack features tranquil buildings surrounded by trees and a charming store stocked with fresh produce. A small fountain with stone benches adds to the village's allure, offering moments of respite for weary travelers. Within this peaceful village, your players might encounter the kindly Greengrocer, a beloved figure known for their wisdom and knowledge of the village's secrets. Show the passage of time with the seasonal variants. Or have the players try to save the villagers from flooding. This is a perfect map for depicting a location where harmony and danger can coexist.

The Gentle Village Greengrocer map pack contains 13 files.

Map size 41 × 55
Setting Urban Interior/Exterior
Variations Autumn, Drought, Fireflies, Flood, Fog, Massacre, No Building, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Silent Night, Spring, Winter
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