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Forest Shrine Festival Map

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Enjoy this serene forest exterior with a grand shrine, forested paths, and merchant huts. Stepping stones, a bridge, and a log give players several options for crossing the beautiful stream that flows through this landscape. Explore the festival's vibrant atmosphere with lantern-lit pathways or immerse yourself in the mystical aura of the moonlight festival. As night falls, confront spirits from the spirit realm or the mischievous Tengu thief. Join the forest shrine festival and uncover a plot to steal a sacred relic or meet with a revered monk who has the knowledge the players seek.

The Forest Shrine Festival map pack contains 30 files.

Map size 43 × 73
Setting Forest Exterior
Variations Autumn, Blood Moon Night, Blue Fire, Broken Bridge, Fire, Fireflies Night, Fireworks Night, Fog, Kirin, Kodama Night, Lone Samurai Massacre Day, Lone Samurai Day, Matsuri Night, Moonlight Night, Natural Lantern Night, Natural Day, Natural Night, Open Field Day, Open Field Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Snow, Spirit Realm, Spring, Tengu Thief Day, Tengu Thief Night, Train Tracks Matsuri Night, Train Tracks Day, Train Tracks Night
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