A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Flying Saucer

Product Information



Czepeku present seventeen variations of the iconic Flying Saucer, known for its disc-shaped design and deep earth history. Whether abandoned, biofuel-powered, or caught in a Massacre scenario, these saucers offer diverse gameplay experiences. Engage in mysterious encounters, abductions, and unearthly adventures with this map pack.

The Flying Saucer map pack contains 17 variations.

Map size 39 × 48
Theme/Type Civilian/Scout
Variations Abandoned, Alarm, BioFuel, Breached, Breached Massacre Alien, Breached Massacre Humanoid, Dark Matter, Empty, Frozen, Heart Of Gold, Hybrid, Massacre, Massacre Alien, Massacre Red, Nightshade, Original, Retro, Shutdown, Whoops
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