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Flooded Fey Ruins Map

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A forgotten fey temple amidst lush forest ruins, now partially submerged. Stone bridges connect statues, walkways, and temple, while the waters teem with mysteries. Whether your players simply stumble upon this gorgeous location, or they are searching for something specific, your campaign will benefit from this unparalleled map. Explore variations like 'The Great Migration,' where an otherworldly event may transform the tranquil scene, or 'Blood Temple,' where the waters may tell tales of ancient sacrifices.

The Flooded Fey Ruins map pack contains 30 files.

Map size 29 × 58
Setting Temple Exterior
Variations Aurora Of the Deep, Autumn, Blood Temple, Clean, Crab Queen, Crystal Glow, Deep Natural, Deep Water, Desert Temple, Dreamstate, Dry Bridge, Fey Glow, Fireflies, Fog, Frozen, Glade, Life Temple, Lilypad River, Original Day, Original Night, Peace, Rain, Sky Temple, Sky Temple Ruins, Spirit Temple, Spring, Summer, Swamp, The Great Migration, Toxic
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